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Install on Centos 5:(Submitted by Ibrahim Lopez Rivera)

You need to add repositories for the libesmtp packages if needed. You can follow the tutorial to add the RPMForge and other repositories for YUM:


Install the packages:

# yum install gcc gnutls-devel mysql mysql-devel mysql-client pcre pcre-devel libesmtp libesmtp-devel

[Note: The gnutls-devel are needed to compile libprelude if you want support for it during Sagan's install, if not you don't need them.]

In order not to confront a problem when building Sagan about mysqlclientl_r (Centos devel packages do not contain the headers necessary) You will need to download from MySQL site a mysql-shared-compat close to your database install version: http://downloads.mysql.com/archives/mysql-5.0/ or http://downloads.mysql.com/archives/mysql-5.1/

# yum info mysql     #  This will show your installed version
Example for MySQL-shared-compat-5.0.91-1.rhel5.i386.rpm :
# cd /tmp
# wget http://downloads.mysql.com/archives/mysql-5.0/MySQL-shared-compat-5.0.91-1.rhel5.i386.rpm
# yum localinstall MySQL-shared-compat-5.0.91-1.rhel5.i386.rpm
Now you can proceed to install libprelude if needed.

The libprelude from Atomic Corp repository libprelude- will not satisfied Sagan's configuration buildup. You will need to download and build libprelude 1.0.0 from their site:
# cd /tmp
# wget http://www.prelude-technologies.com/download/releases/libprelude/libprelude-1.0.0.tar.gz
# tar xvfz libprelude-1.0.0.tar.gz
# cd /libprelude-1.0.0
# ./configure & make && make install
Now install Sagan as per documentation. [ SaganHOWTO ]

[Note: Remember to use: ./configure --disable-postgresql to install Sagan if you don't need support for PostgreSQL or you will need to install it.]

-- ChampClark - 2010-11-18

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