alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HOME_NET $FTP_PORT (msg: "[PUREFTPD] User logged into an disabled account"; pcre: "/[INFO] \S+ is now logged in/";; pcre: "/^apache$|^mysql$|^www$|^nobody$|^nogroup$|^portmap$|^named$|^rpc$|^mail$|^ftp$|^shutdown$|^halt$|^daemon$|^bin$|^postfix$|^shell$|^info$|^guest$|^psql$|^user$|^users$|^console$|^uucp$|^lp$|^sync$|^sshd$|^cdrom$|^ossec$|^sagan$/"; classtype: successful-user; reference: url,; program: sshd; sid: 5000414; rev:2;)

-- Main.Sagan-Wiki-Add - 2015-10-21

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Topic revision: r1 - 2015-10-21 - Sagan-Wiki-Add
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